The Institute of Physics provides teaching of a number of physics subjects in all study programs of the Faculty of Civil Engineering in bachelor’s, master’s and doctoral studies, in both full-time and combined forms of study. Teaching takes place in Czech and English. The institute also participates in lifelong education.

The teaching approach was chosen in such a way that the study of the subject gives students general knowledge and a scientific basis for the study of technical disciplines and their applications in engineering practice. The latest information from the field is presented in the classes. New topics from construction physics and materials engineering are also introduced into laboratory teaching, which provides students with practical skills at the level of today’s technical possibilities. This is related to the renewal of teaching laboratory equipment.

Physics as a compulsory subject for all lines of both internal and distance undergraduate learning programs, Building Physics for PhD students, Physics of Solids, Applied Thermo-mechanics, PC-Supported measurement methods, Physical Process Modelling, Fundamentals of Physical Measuring methods in construction engineering, application of acoustic methods to non-destructive testing of construction materials for PhD students.